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4 replies to Cause and Effect

  1. I practiced 20 minutes a day but gave up after a couple of years, so I grew up to be a nerd who can’t play piano.

  2. You aren’t the only one in that boat Meg! lol!

    My mother had us do piano lessons for 4 years, and I think she truly wanted us to have a love for music like she did. THAT part did rub off on us though.

    Its amazing to watch my mother fiddle with sheet music one time though, and then play it perfectly the next time though. I have been encouraging her to keep doing just that now that she has dementia.

    I played clarinet since the 5th grade until I graduated high school. I still have the clarinet, but I hasn’t been touched in over 20 years.

    I guess I’m one that loves to listen, and not so much play.

    Overall? I love being a nerd!

  3. As an aside, I think it’s very interesting how the word “nerd” has evolved from an insult to a badge of pride in some circles. “Yeah, I’m a total music nerd.”

  4. I took piano for 9 years, probably practiced an average of 30 min a day. Somehow, I still can’t sight read and can’t do without. I’m very puzzled as to how I managed that . . .

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