Here is a list of compositions by Eric Pazdziora with selected performance history. Links will take you to more information, usually including recordings. To hear a playlist with representative recordings, try visiting this page.

For information about any of the scores, or to commission a composition for your own ensemble, please contact the composer.


Angels We Have Heard on High (SATB Acapella).

Published by GIA, 2011

Mick McGuire (Irish traditional song, TTBB + piano.)

Published by Alliance (AMP-0792).


Hymns and Lamentations (2015)

Half-Spent Was the Night: Christmas Piano Improvisations (2014)

New Creation: Hymns of Wonder, Love, and Praise (2010)

Bright Northern Skies (2012) – Thornfield

One for a Lover (2012) – Thornfield


House of Winter: Opera in One Act (2018) 70′
Four vocal roles, chamber orchestra

DMA Dissertation, University of Maryland, College Park.
Libretto by John Patrick Pazdziora.

Black Bull of Norroway (2017) 10′
(Pierrot Ensemble + Soprano.)

Text by Jane Yolen.

Ekaterinoslav: One Family’s Passage to America
(Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, Violin I and II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Piano, Percussion)

Music drama in one act. Texts from the book by Jane Yolen, copyright 2013.

Premiered April 16, 2014

The Accidental Feast of the Holy Fools
(Soprano + Piano)

Original texts by Jane Yolen

1. Thief’s Song
2. I Have Never
3. Moonstruck
4. No Fool’s You

Premiered October 22, 2013

Four Songs from “Wild Earth”
(Soprano, Oboe / English Horn)
(Soprano, Alto Flute)

Texts by Padraic Colum from Wild Earth and Other Poems, 1916.

1. Across the Door
2. She Moved Through the Fair
3. The Beggar’s Child
4. Carricknabauna (The Old Woman Sings)

Premiered February 16, 2014

Doctor Milliner’s Marvellous Musical Flying Machine, being a Contraption of Rhymes and Games for a Jollification of Sad Musicians
(Soprano, Violin, Alto Saxophone, Double Bass, Percussion, Party Noisemakers)
(Soprano, Violin, Clarinet, Cello, Percussion, Party Noisemakers)

Original texts by John Patrick Pazdziora

1. Doctor Milliner
2. Danny-o
3. Poor Robin
4. Boneman
5. Sally Maiden
6. Cromarty Cross
7. Pan Pan

Premiered October 23, 2012

Three Scottish Gaelic Songs
(Mezzo-Soprano, Cello)

Texts traditional.
Commissioned by Ainsley Patterson and Charlie Rasmussen; premiered by Ainsley Patterson and Roman Placzek

1. Gheibh Sinn Ribinnean
2. Tháladh
3. Súilean Dubha

Premiered November 18, 2012

Wandering Songs: Four Irish Poems by Padraic Colum
(Soprano, Violin, Cello, Piano)

Texts by Padraic Colum from The King of Ireland’s Son, 1912.

1. The Wonder of All Wandering
2. Red Rowan Berry (Morag’s Song)
3. When Sleep Would Settle On Me
4. The Edge of Day

Premiered April 14, 2005. Heather Cummins, Soprano; Amy Lemon, Piano; Katherine Roy, Violin; Steven Danan, Cello

Three Reflections: Poems by Peter McIntyre
(Baritone voice + piano)

Original texts by Peter McIntyre

1. Missing the Point
2. A Buried Savior
3. At the Re-creation

Premiered February 18, 2005 at Peter McIntyre’s senior voice recital.
Performed April 14, 2005. Peter McIntyre, Baritone; Alan Tripp, Piano.
Recorded June 2006 on Moody Bible Institute Music Department CD Sound Decisions.

Phantastes: Seven Songs from a Story by George MacDonald
(Soprano and Baritone + Piano)

Premiered May 2, 2003 – Charles Huff, baritone; Virginia Glinski, soprano; Mona Coalter, piano


Nativity of the Isles
(SATB a cappella + Soloist)

Ave Maris Stella
Who Is She
Many a Thing / Bless This Creature Water
The Maiden
This Is the Grey Manger

Canticles for the Holy Innocents
(SATB acapella)

I. Vox in Rama Percrebuit
II. Salvete, Flores Martyrum
III. In Paradisum

World Premiere March 19, 2016 by Chorosynthesis Singers.

The Accidental Feast of the Holy Fools
(SATB + piano)

Original texts by Jane Yolen

1. Thief’s Song
2. I Have Never
3. Moonstruck
4. No Fool’s You

Veni, Sancte Spiritus
(ATTB + violin)
(SATB + violin)

Premiered 27 July, 2013 by the Choeur D’Eama, Paris

The Savior’s Carol 
(SATB + piano + cello)
(SATB + harp)
(SATB + piano)
(SATB + piano, violin, cello)

Text: “A Christmas Carol” by George MacDonald, 1872

Premiered December 16, 2010 by Holy Trinity Church at “Christmas On The Town.”

Away In a Manger
(SATB + violin).

Premiered December 18, 2009 by the choir of Holy Trinity Church at “Christmas on the Town.” Joan Allison, conductor; Wendy Benner, violin.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
(SSAATTBB Acapella)

Premiered December 2007 by Northwoods Baptist Church Choir, Northwoods, FL.

Angels We Have Heard on High
(SATB Acapella).
Published by GIA, 2011

Premiered December 2007 by Northwoods Baptist Church Choir, Northwoods, FL.

Mick McGuire
(Irish traditional, TTBB + piano.)
Published by Alliance (AMP-0792).

Premiered May 2007 in Belfast by the Moody Men’s Collegiate Choir, H. E. Singley, conductor.

O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing (SATB, violin, flute, piano)

Premiered April 14, 2005.  Kara Montie, violin;Nathan Thomas, flute; Dan Mattix, piano;Michelle Lynch, conductor.

The Return
(SATB + Organ)

Premiered April 14, 2005. Brent Stutzman, Organ; Michelle Lynch, Conductor.

O, Could I Speak the Matchless Worth
(SATB + organ)

Premiered April 14, 2005. Brent Stutzman, Organ; Michelle Lynch, Conductor.
Performed May 18, 2008 by North Park Covenant Church Choir, Chicago, IL.

Gloria Patri
(SATB + organ)

Premiered April 14, 2005. Brent Stutzman, Organ; Michelle Lynch, Conductor.
Performed May 18, 2008 by North Park Covenant Church Choir, Chicago, IL.

Sing to the Lord
(SATB + piano)

Text by Carrie Martin.

Premiered July 2004 by Crystal Lake Evangelical Free Church choir.

Room at the Manger
(Chorus and instrumental ensemble)

Performed December 7, 2007 at “Christmas on the Town,” Holy Trinity Church, Chicago.

In Christ Alone
(Hymn by Keith Getty / Stuart Townend, arr. for SATB, Piano, Organ, Rhythm section)

February 2004 –Commissioned and performed by the Moody Chorale, including a performance during Founder’s Week, broadcast on national radio.

By Faith in Christ I Walk With God 
(SATB acapella)

Premiered May 2, 2003 Choral ensemble; Brooke Baldwin, director

Here is Love
(SATB + piano)

Premiered May 12, 2002 by the choir of the North Platte Berean Church, North Platte, Nebraska.


Away in a Manger
(String orchestra + solo violin)

December 2012 – Premiered by Gate City Camerata, Greensboro NC.

Fanfare: With Great Rejoicing
(2+picc, 2+cor, 2+bass, 2 – 4, 3, 3, 1 – timp, perc, str.)

February 8, 2004 –Selected as a winner in the DuPage Symphony Orchestra’s “Fanfare For Our Fiftieth” contest. Premiered by the DuPage Symphony Orchestra, Barbara Schubert, music director and conductor.

Who Would Imagine a King
(2, 2, 3, 1 – 4, 3, 3, 1 – timp, perc, pno, synth, str.)
(Arr. for orchestra)

Performed December 5-6, 2003 in Moody Bible Institute’s 49th annual “Candlelight Carols” program; the performance was broadcast nationally on the Moody Broadcasting network.


The Unique Tale
(Woodwind Quintet + Mezzo-Soprano + Narrator)

Second Place, Daraja Ensemble Composition Competition 2016

Improbable Creatures from Physiologus: A Musical Bestiary
(Piano Solo)

1. Physiologus
2. The Caladrius
3. The Manticore
4. The Cockatrice
5. The Hercinia
6. The Enormous Rabbit
7. The Griffin

Commissioned by Yao Lin

Premiered December 1, 2015 by Yao Lin

Prelude to the Adventures of the Remarkable Mr. Phineas J. Pfogg 
(Saxophone Quartet)

Premiered September 27, 2013

The Boy Who Dreamed of Flying 
(String quartet)

Premiered April 26, 2013

The Existential Dread of the Modern Teddy Bear
(Spoken voice + electronics)

Premiered May 7, 2013

The Juniper Tree 
(Multi Percussion + Spoken voice)

Commissioned by Nomi Marcus.

Premiered April 25, 2013 by Nomi Marcus

Antiphon, Lament, and Exaltation
(Piano, violin, clarinet)

Commissioned by The Sycamore Trio

Premiered March 25, 2012 by Dan Mattix, Katie Mattix, and Luke Lusk

Three Breton Dances 
(String quartet)

Premiered April 14, 2005. Katherine Roy, violin; Katie Brestel, violin; Melissa Doussard, viola; Steven Danan, cello

Glass-Colored Roses: Nine Watercolor Sketches for Piano
(Piano solo)

            Premiered April 14, 2005Jonathan Kotulski, piano.

Film Scores

Mr. Jones Has a Card Party (2017) 7′
Original film score. Piano + vocal + saxophone + bass. Lyrics by John Patrick Pazdziora.

Chemical Inspirations
Short film score; piano/vocal. Lyrics by John Patrick Pazdziora.

Premiered February 2016.

The Internet is Killing My Pet
Original film score. Directed by Inëz Czymbor.

Premiered May 2013. 

Training Wheels 
Short film score. Composed with Carrie Pazdziora. Directed by Jon Smith.

Premiered February 20, 2013.

Waking Up Alone 
Original film score by Kathryn Hodges. Arranged and orchestrated for string Quartet + Piano. Directed by Luke Ewing.

Recorded May 6, 2007. Eric Pazdziora, conductor.

Original film score for piano and electronic media. Directed by Nathan Webster.


Treasure Island
Lyrics by Amber Bennett, Janelle McHugh, Eric Pazdziora, Robert Louis Stevenson.
Music by Eric Pazdziora (orchestra + vocals).

1. The Ballad of Captain Flint (Fifteen Men on the Dead Men’s Chest)
2. Sing to Drown Yer Sorrows
3. Trust Me to Be True
4. Adventure’s In The Wind (The Wind Blew Shrill and Smart)
5. To The Stars
6. Stick to Bugs and Trees
7. Gentlemen of Fortune (Fifteen Men on the Dead Man’s Chest reprise)
8. Finale

Premiere TBA

Lyrics by Amber Bennett, Janelle McHugh, Eric Pazdziora.
Music by Eric Pazdziora (piano + vocals).

1. Harvest of Gold / Overture
2. My Money
3. World Full of Lies
4. Honor, Hope, and Truth
5. Truth Be Told
6. Your Name
7. Rumplestiltskin
8. Truth Be Told (reprise)

Premiered March 2014. Christian Liberty Academy,  Arlington Heights, IL.

The Matchmaker: Music for the Play
Electronic media

Recorded March 2003 – Used as incidental music in MBI student production of Thornton Wilder’s “The Matchmaker.”

What Will You Say?
(Christmas musical drama for youth)
Music, Lyrics, and Book by Eric Pazdziora

Performed December 12, 1999 at Community Church of Elkhorn, Wisconsin.

For information about any of these scores, or to commission a composition for your own ensemble or event, please contact the composer.