Nov 192012

Doctor Milliner’s Marvellous Musical Flying Machine
being a Contraption of Rhymes and Games
for a Jollification of Sad Musicians

For Soprano + Chamber Ensemble (Piano, Violin, Alto Saxophone, Double Bass, Percussion, Party Noisemakers)

1. Doctor Milliner
2. Danny-o
3. Poor Robin
4. Boneman
5. Sally Maiden
6. Cromarty Cross
7. Pan Pan

Music by Eric M. Pazdziora
Texts by John Patrick Pazdziora

Premiered October 23, 2012 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, Recital Hall.

Joann Martinson, Soprano
Julia Byrd, Piano
Lauren Eastman, Violin
Hunter Bockes, Alto Saxophone
Steve Landis, Double Bass
Thomas Weaver, Percussion
The Audience, Party Noisemakers
Eric Pazdziora, Conductor


And here’s a picture of a guy with a hat.

“Doctor Milliner” is my first premiered work as a Master’s student in composition at UNC-Greensboro: a song cycle with seven poems by my brother John. It’s performed here by a quirky ensemble, including a lot of wacky percussion. The audience was provided with a variety of party noisemakers which they were instructed to use at various places throughout the performance, creating a nice hullabaloo. Musically, I appropriated a bit here and there from the sounds of antique circus and carnival music, putting a fun, lyrical, and slightly foreboding spin on the rather demented nursery rhymes.

Well, here he is, Doctor Milliner his own self, violin-case under his arm and doffing that bent old stovepipe hat. He’s a toff, all right, but the scraggliest, raggediest, cheeriest old toff you’ll ever meet.

…Ask him to tell you about his wonderful, amazing, stupendous, superlative, incomparable, magnificent musical flying machine—one touch of a button and you’re away, waltzing or squirrelling or sonatifying, its great cloth wings going whump-whump, and its wonderful electro-magnetico-combustifier going pocketa-pocketa-pocketa. Go on, ask him. ….