Department of “Wait, What?”

Ring… Ring…

“Hello, Department of ‘Wait, What?’.”

“Yeah, it’s me. Hey, it’s been a long time since I did a ‘Stuff and Nonsense’ post, and I think I’d like to put in some ‘Wait, What?’.”

“We’ve got that. What would you like?”

“How about politics?”


“I just remembered why I don’t like to talk politics.”

“OK, how about a regular news report, then?”


“That explains quite a bit, actually, but it’s kind of depressing.”

“Oh, you only think that because you haven’t seen our latest installment in marketing.”


“Great, now I’m really depressed. What have you got to cheer me up?”

“Some people find comfort in religion.”


“But what about people who think religion is full of contradictions?”

“We’ve got something for them too.”

Source: FailBlog

“So contradictions are just a part of life. That sounds like an interesting personal philosophy or inspirational slogan or something.”

“Aha! Then I’ve got just the perfect thing for you…”


“Wait…. What?

“Glad to be of salvage. Have a diagonal day.”

AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist

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  1. Those are great! Thanks for the laugh, but now I’d better get back to watching my daily 27 hours of TV.

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