Three Short Poems and an Oddity

Poems by Eric Pazdziora. Oddity found on


I. Lines Found Scrawled on the Wall of an Abandoned Abecedarium

Abe, he see the effigy,
Age-eyed, shaky elemental peak—
You are rusty, you veer,
Double your ex-wife’s sea.


II. Trial Triol

I shot a man in Reno;
I shot the sheriff.
I fought the law
Just to watch him die!
But I did not shoot the deputy
And the law won.


III. From Tennyson’s Wastebasket

believed to be a fragment of an abandoned epic, “Idylls of the Holy Grail.”
(For K.N.)

But in return the peasant Dennis spake:
“Strange women that in ponds do lie and wait
With swords, distributing to passing men,
No basis is for system’d government,
But is a farcical aquatic rite.”
In wrath did Arthur grow, and loud proclaimed,
“Shut up! Shut up!” “Ah, now in sooth we see,
The violence inherent in the system!
Help, Help! For verily I am repressed!”



Do Not Go Gentle Into That Goo
Rage, rage against the oozing of the goo.




AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist

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