Taladh (SATB + Chamber Orchestra)

Music: Hebridean Traditional, arr. Eric Pazdziora
Text: John Patrick Pazdziora, from the Gaelic

Epworth UMC Chancel Choir and Orchestra
James Craig Bazen, Conductor


You are my love, my little one,
You are my curly-headed son,
You are my light, my tiny one,
My son, I am not worthy—

They offered fleece and gold to you,
Shepherds, kings, adoring you.
I pray no harm may fall to you,
While softly I am singing—

 So far, so far from Bethlehem
Secret, safe from Herod’s men,
But when may we return again?
And soon you will be growing—
I hear a woman weeping wild:
Rachel keens her only child.
But here with me, you undefiled,
As softly I am singing—
Weary weeping, sorrow filled,
Emptied cries and voices stilled,
May you will as God has willed,
But still my tears are falling.
No angel host that God commands,
No king, no shepherd, understands
Your fragile body in my hands,
So light against my shoulder —
My love, the eyes that look with love,
My heart, the heart that flows with love,
My hands, the hands that reach with love,
My son, I am not worthy—

Music © 2018 Eric Pazdziora
Text © 2018 John Patrick Pazdziora

AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist

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