Three Reflections: Poems by Peter McIntyre (Song Cycle)

Three Reflections: Poems by Peter McIntyre

Music by Eric M. Pazdziora
Texts by Peter McIntyre

1. Missing the Point
2. A Buried Savior
3. At the Re-Creation 

Peter McIntyre, baritone
Alan Tripp, piano


Here’s another of my song cycles. This one has the advantage of working with a poet who’s not only still alive, but alive enough to sing the finished songs. Peter McIntyre served as both lyricist and baritone vocalist, accompanied in the video above by pianist Alan Tripp. The freeform poems allowed me to show off some of my more unconventional music techniques, including some rapidly shifting tonal centers.

(Peter’s current artistic ventures include a photography business, Six Wing Studios, which you ought to check out. Alan is busy touring as a freelance concert pianist; here’s his website.)

At the top is an alternate recording of “At the Re-Creation,” with better sound quality, which was produced by Moody Bible Institute for their CD Sound Decisions. The pianist here is Janet Eckhardt.

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AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist