Rumplestiltskin (Theatre)

In 2014, I got a commission from the drama department of Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL to compose the songs for their theatrical adaptation of that grand old fairy tale Rumplestiltskin. With a bit of collaborating, the lyrics they had written led to some rollicking good melodies, brought to life by an enthusiastic cast of high school students.

Here are a few selections from the video of the premiere. In Harvest of Gold (Overture), the choreographer came up with some country dances that showcase the upcoming themes. In her solo World Full of Lies, Talia the miller’s daughter laments the falsehoods that have gotten her into the predicament of having to spin straw into gold. Then there’s the spirited patter duet Your Name, in which Talia tries to guess her helper’s name and he mocks her by telling what else it’s not. Finally there’s a good old villainous waltz in which the stranger gloats that nobody will ever be able to guess his name— Rumplestiltskin!



Lyrics by Amber Bennett, Janelle McHugh, Eric Pazdziora.
Music by Eric Pazdziora (piano + vocals).

1. Harvest of Gold / Overture
2. My Money
3. World Full of Lies
4. Honor, Hope, and Truth
5. Truth Be Told
6. Your Name
7. Rumplestiltskin
8. Truth Be Told (reprise)

Premiered March 2014. Christian Liberty Academy,  Arlington Heights, IL.

For more information, or to commission a piece of your own, feel free to contact the composer.

AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist