Glass-Colored Roses: Nine Watercolor Sketches for Piano

Glass-Colored Roses is a series of miniatures for piano.

Program notes:

Glass-Colored Roses has been described as “exquisitely beautiful,” “silly,” “clever,” and “odd, but nice,” and that’s just for the title.  It also seems to be a fair summary of the composition itself.  The nine miniature pieces in this set dabble in the wide palate of tonal colors available on the piano, using compositional techniques from aleatoric to modal.  The titles are more evocative than descriptive.  If you find a hidden meaning in any part of this composition, enjoy it, but I didn’t put one there.

“Glass-Colored Roses: Nine Watercolor Sketches for Piano”

Music by Eric M. Pazdziora

1. Spectrum
2. Chrysalis
3. Crystal Drops
4. Light-Catcher
5. Willow Song
6. Unexpected Joke
7. Frost on the Holly
8. Autumn Rivers
9. After the Rain

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AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist