The Land Without Stories

I’m delighted to announce that my short story “The Land Without Stories” has been published in a brand-new anthology entitled New Fairy Tales: Essays and Stories

Edited by my brother John, who has a freshly-minted PhD in literature from St Andrews, and his colleague Defne Çizakça, the book is a collection of literary criticism and literary specimens on the subject of original fairy tales, the kinds of stories you find in the writings of Hans Christian Andersen, George MacDonald, Oscar Wilde, J. R. R. Tolkien, J. K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and Tifli.  Not a bad list of names to be on.

My contribution is a lyrical story that plays with several fairy-tale themes and motifs that I’ll leave for you (or some of the many scholars who also contributed chapters) to work out. It has a princess or two, a king and a queen, a mysterious stranger, and a couple of poems. I’m extremely pleased with it.

To order the book from Amazon, visit Here’s a flyer with a picture of the cover:

Flyer_A5 200913

(See? There’s my pen name right there, “and others”!)

If you like fairy tales and fantasy and other writing-related things, you should also check out my brother’s blog, and his literary ‘zine Unsettling Wonder, where you might also hear about a new book of poems from the incomparable Jane Yolen.

And if you want to read my other published piece of fiction, also a fairy tale, it’s here: The White Bird.

For those who may have found this while looking my story up on Google, welcome, and check out some of my music. You might like my Grimm percussion solo The Juniper Tree.

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