Interview: Anita Singleton-Prather on the Power of Storytelling

From the files of things I’ve been doing lately, here’s one I’m especially happy with. For my day job — which, for those who don’t know, involves  web content and music for an African American Christian publisher — I  got to interview an extremely talented storyteller named Anita Singleton-Prather who’s created a fun series of videos for our Vacation Bible School curriculum. We talked at length (well, mostly I was smart enough to stop talking and listen) on subjects that ranged from storytelling to racism to Gullah culture to forgiveness and healing.

Here’s an excerpt:

…Anita has used her storytelling as a way to create common ground by spreading a message of love that transcends racial lines and conquers hatred. “You have a story to tell,” she says, “and I want you to know that your story is just as important as my story. So you can choose to be bitter and fester and fertilize the seed of hatred. Or we can use it and say, ‘Yeah, it was horrible, but look, we survived.’

“So I try to focus more on the strength of those that came out of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I try to let people know that even when you victimize people, you become a victim. With slavery, everybody became a victim, even the masters themselves.

“When I am through, people know that a message of love has been left. I always conclude with, ‘I love you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.’ Love is not contingent on what you receive back.”

Go read the full thing here: Heritage Focus: An Interview with Anita Singleton-Prather.

Thanks, Anita!

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  1. “Love is not contingent on what you get back.”  Unconditional words and love.  Thanks for this inspiring interview and a photo personifying dignity and grace.

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