God’s Prescription for Your Discouragement

Another in my series for Quivering Daughters

I've been saving this for a rainy day, and I think it's gotten sufficiently damp. This got its start a few years ago as a comment on someone else's blog post and quickly gained a life of its own.

The blog post in question was written by a person who had recently become a Christian and felt guilt and remorse over their past sins. "At the time," they wrote, "I thought nothing of it, but now I feel dirty and ashamed. I feel I have let God down and that my relationship with Him will never be at its best because of my indiscretion."

I posted a comment that I thought would be helpful. It was. I got a response from a completely different reader who had been struggling with condemnation over a similar sin and gave my recommendation a try. Tears of joy were involved. Clearly this was meant for more than one person.

So here it is for you. If you need some encouragement today, if you're feeling discouraged, disheartened, ashamed, beaten down, attacked, weak, inadequate, burned out, or even just mopey, then this is for you. I'm totally serious, but you should see the smile on my face just thinking about what this will do for you.

Bear in mind that this is not a method–God doesn't work by our methods. Rather, it's a concentrated dose of the best medicine for healing. God is the Great Physician, and this (I fancy) comes straight from His prescription pad. Give it a try and call Him in the morning.


Take your Bible.

Open it up to Romans 8.

Read it.

Read it again.

Read it again.

Then answer these very simple questions:

Are you in Christ Jesus?

If so, how much condemnation do you have?

Are you controlled by the flesh / sinful nature anymore?

Whose child and heir are you?

What does the Spirit do for your weakness?

Does your sin fall under the category of "all things"?

What can separate you from the love of Christ?

Then repeat.

Then repeat again.

Do this until this passage of Scripture is a part of your bone marrow. (You'll know.)

Possible side effects may include uncontrollable and overwhelming joy.

AuthorEric Pazdziora

Composer, Author, Pianist