Jul 112011

This weekend, an anonymous commenter left this message on my most recent post on Quivering Daughters, a piece debunking legalistic teachings about clothing, entitled Garments of Salvation. Needless to say, I was completely floored and left pretty close to tears. I seldom see such a deeply touching reminder of why I do pretty much everything I do. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your poignant story and hard-earned wisdom. Have a tissue ready? Here’s the comment:

I am enjoying your articles full of wisdom. I also appreciate your attempts to expose deception.

Regretfully, I was deceived at one time and caught up in the legalism of clothing issues. After the death of my beloved daughter things became clearer. My daughter unfortunately became involved with drugs, I am sure her mother’s over zealous christianity and attention to detail caused her much pain and attributed somewhat to the choices she made.

There are so many verses to dispel this legalism of clothing. Remember the enemy knows scripture and desires to put us into bondage. Where the spirit of God is there is liberty. His yoke is easy, Each day has enough trouble of its own. I could go on. It is people and our relationships with them that are important. Not the clothing we wear. We need to show “love” to each other and stop splitting hairs over silly rules on clothing.

If I could get one moment back with my daughter, clothing would be the least of my concerns. In fact, she could dress however she wanted, listen to whatever music she desired etc., I would not care for one second what she did, but I would enjoy “her.” We need to enjoy each other and love each other. The time is short. You will not get the time wasted being concerned about clothing back. Use your time wisely, love each other and let this be your focus. Learn from my regret, and look at the big picture. Don’t let the blood Jesus spilled to free us be for naught.

We are free. Free to love each other and live in the glorious freedom He has given us. We will never be perfect, and all the concern and worry in the world will not change that. Our lives are a mist, a vapor in God’s great expanse of time. Let’s serve HIM and praise HIM and put the enemy and his lies about clothing under our feet.

Thank you for listening, and please forgive me if I sound preachy. I have deep pain over my daughter’s loss that will never heal until I am with Jesus. I just have to speak out about this legalism and hopefully I can spare someone else the regret I live with.