Sep 032009

040bwant to be famous!” said young Mister Fiddle.
“I’m tired of feeling so humble and little.
I want to have glory, and honor, and fame,
And have everyone notice when they hear my name.”

So he went off to college and got a degree,
Thinking this would impress them as sure as could be.
But they still didn’t notice when they heard his name,
And everyone acted exactly the same.

“That was not what I wanted!” said Fiddle, B.A.
“The people should treat me with reverence, I say!
Perhaps seminary’s a good place to go–
People always look up to those preachers, you know.”

So, off to divinity school he went,
Got himself all ordained (which had been his intent),
And in front of his name was the word R-E-V,
But nobody acted as though they could see.

“I’ve had it!” said Fiddle.  “I know what I’ll do!
If people won’t show me the honor I’m due,
I’ll go for my doctorate!  That’s a degree
That will make them sit up and take notice of me!”

A divinity doctorate!  Now he had fame,
And, wide-eyed, the people repeated his name.
The people sat up and took notice, you see,
For now, Reverend Fiddle was Fiddle, D. D.

(Originally published October 2004.)