Aug 242010

I’ve been overly busy lately putting the finishing touches on my CD, a new writing gig, and a few new songs. I think you’ll like them once they’re unveiled (not too long now, I promise! Really!).

I’ve added a few new features to the website just for fun: check out my Links I Like, a visual Bookshelf of some of my favorite reads, and regularly updated links to my shared items (which you’ll have seen already if you follow me on Google Reader or Twitter, but still). While you’re at it, if you like my site, why not add yourself as a friend with the new FriendConnect box in the sidebar? Free, no catch!

In the meantime, here are a few things I’ve found interesting lately, in my usual mixture of the sublime and the ridiculous:

*  *  *

1. If I ever get a bumper sticker, it will probably be this one (via Wondermark):

2. John Wesley was invited to speak to some Christian teachers at Oxford University, and he proposed they ask themselves these questions. He wasn’t ever invited back; that’s how good the questions were.

3. You call in an order for two birthday cakes. You tell the bakery that you want it to say Happy Birthday on both. And you get…

Welcome to the world of Cake Wrecks! You know you need that laugh; check it out.

4. I’m really looking forward to Fred Sanders’ new book on the Trinity. As Scriptorium readers know, he’s got a great knack for making complicated and obscure theological topics into enjoyable reading, which is way harder than it sounds. The Trinity is his favorite topic, so this promises to be good. I’ll keep you posted.

5. Life’s Little Confluences o’ Awesome, continued: Neil Gaiman is writing an episode of Doctor Who. A teaser deleted scene is at the link. Squeeeee.

6. Friends of Irony brings new a new level to “Self-fulfilling Prophecy”:

7. The Messenger space probe, currently 183 million km from the earth and the moon, took a snapshot of home:

(You are here.)

Words fail.

8. And finally, the obligatory “If you read nothing else, read this” link: My friend Naphtali_Deer‘s latest Bible study is entitled “A Conversation with Jesus about Misplaced Joy.” If you needed to read that even half as badly as I did, then what are you still doing here? Go. Now.

That’s all for today. Have a good one.