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What is “New Creation”? New Creation: Hymns of Wonder, Love, and Praise is a CD of worship songs composed by Eric Pazdziora (piano, vocals) and performed by Carrie Pazdziora (guitar, vocals), Øystein Torp (violin), and Petras (percussion). With a diverse blend of piano-centered musical stylings, it explores biblical, devotional, and liturgical themes of

New Creation #3: Kyrie (With Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh)

Third in a series featuring songs from my CD New Creation. For more information, read this link. The Song Behind the Song Cornelius Elven (1791–1873) was a Baptist pastor in Suffolk, England, and a close friend of Charles H. Spurgeon. Spurgeon described him

New Creation #1: “Come, Christians One and All, Rejoice” (Martin Luther)

First in a series featuring songs from my CD New Creation. For more information, read this link. The Song   Behind the Song The story of Martin Luther (1483–1546) is familiar to anyone who knows even the slightest bit of