Ken Medema

Leaning, Leaning....

Leaning, Leaning….

Here’s Ken Medema, a blind pianist / composer / singer / storyteller with a truly amazing talent, performing a routine about an unforgettable experience as a church musician. Let’s just say, he also does a pretty mean trombone impression….  

Godly Authority: A Flight to Topsyturvydom

Godly Authority: A Flight to Topsyturvydom

Another in my weekly series of articles for Quivering Daughters. oet and playwright W. S. Gilbert (you might know him from his operettas composed with Arthur Sullivan) wrote some comic poems about the far-away land of Topsyturvydom: Where vice is virtue—virtue, vice: Where nice is nasty—nasty, nice: Where right is wrong and wrong is right— […]