Just As You Received Christ....

Just As You Received Christ….

Another in my series for Quivering Daughters Suppose you asked someone what the Gospel is: how does a person receive salvation in Christ? How would you respond if the answer was… “The Gospel is the good news that we have to keep all of God’s Laws and rules, because there’s no salvation apart from trying […]

The Misadventures of Person C, or, Why Couldn't God Just Forgive Us?

The Misadventures of Person C, or, Why Couldn’t God Just Forgive Us?

There’s a lot on my mind lately, but, though it’s not really a great pressing concern to me, I keep coming back to one particular issue.  Perhaps that means it will be illuminating to somebody, so here it is. From several places, I’ve heard what appears to be a common objection to the Gospel message: […]