Dec 222011

Welcome back to our annual celebration of Kitschmas!

Today’s theme is: Nativity scenes made of things that should not be used to make Nativity scenes. Brace yourselves….


You never sausage a nativity! It’s made of bacon, yet it’s still in bad taste!

(Sorry. I know that jokes that bad aren’t kosher.)


What child is this? None of your beeswax.


This one is made of baloney. Sometimes this gig is just too easy.


Question: What’s a good song about a nativity that’s made of butter?
Answer: A whey in a manger.

Ba dum bum ching.


A tasteful minimalist design, probably on sale at your local IKEA. I’m starting to think that these aren’t too bad this time around. In fact, I could almost say….






Join us again tomorrow for part 3 of our series, after which it will be boiled in its own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through its heart.