Thornfield CDs now available!

Thornfield CDs now available!

They’re finally here! After several months of hard work recording, Thornfield — the folk / americana band in which I play alongside Carrie Pazdziora and Jenna Satterthwaite — has finally released our debut albums, the CD Bright Northern Skies and EP One for a Lover. Nineteen totally original songs written by and performed the band (with some […]

"Mick McGuire" Performed by Gents in Remarkable Hats

“Mick McGuire” Performed by Gents in Remarkable Hats

In 2010, Alliance Music Publications published my arrangement (for TTBB choir + piano) of the Irish folk song “Mick McGuire.” It’s a comical number about a hapless bloke who woos a girl but, astonishingly enough, doesn’t get on quite as well with her mother. Since then, it seems to have achieved a wee bit of […]

"New Creation" now on sale!

“New Creation” now on sale!

What is “New Creation”? New Creation: Hymns of Wonder, Love, and Praise is a CD of worship songs composed by Eric Pazdziora (piano, vocals) and performed by Carrie Pazdziora (guitar, vocals), Øystein Torp (violin), and Petras (percussion). With a diverse blend of piano-centered musical stylings, it explores biblical, devotional, and liturgical themes of repentance, forgiveness, grace, and new beginnings in Christ. Theologically rich hymn texts are set to […]