Apr 292011

The response to my Quivering Daughters article "The Bondage of Betrothal" has been slightly overwhelming! Many, many kind thanks to all of you who've shared it on Facebook and Twitter and everywhere else, and thanks to all of you who've commented and emailed your thoughts and reactions.

Over at the website Soul Liberty Faith, my online friend SisterLisa– a former cult member, now a spiritual abuse counselor– wrote some of her reactions and personal experiences in a full-length post of her own. It's very well worth reading, especially because it describes her experiences from a perspective I wasn't able to provide at all: the mother of a teenage daughter trying to guide her into wise decisions about relationships while eschewing the false "betrothal" doctrines she'd been taught in the cult.

For those of you who may be parents, or at that dating / courting age, or cult survivors, or who just want to hear another perspective on an issue that's clearly struck a chord for a lot of you, there is plenty of good advice here.

Here's an excerpt:

We want our daughters to fall in love without forcing our control over them. They need to develop a good solid listening relationship with Jesus and we don’t want to insist that we have that Voice in their lives. We choose not to usurp Christ’s authority over our children, but instead we seek Him in all their friendships and listen to him telling us to give Him room to work in their lives without us trying to control His work in their hearts.

It’s been a wonderful experience for our family and we are thankful for the difficulties that came with it.

Read the full post here. Thanks, SisterLisa!