Jun 072010

This just in! The company where I work as Senior Copy Editor just released this year’s brand-new Sunday School commentary, Precepts for Living, and it looks really good if I do say so myself. (That’s not boasting because really most of my work on it was checking grammar, sentence structure, and the odd bit of theology.) It’s a collection of weekly in-depth Bible studies designed for teachers and learners of all ages. This being UMI, it’s geared especially toward urban churches, but you certainly don’t have to live in the city or have any particular skin color to appreciate it. This Midwestern white boy likes it just fine.

Anyway, I bring this up not just so you can see what I do at my day job, but because the Precepts editors were kind enough to invite me to contribute three Bible studies to the line-up. Those who enjoy my writing will find some–and a lot more like it, in certain styles anyway–in print right here! My byline is only in a list in front with all the other writers, where it should be of course, but between you and me I can tell you that the chapters I contributed to were the lessons for April 24, May 1, and May 8. I got some great passages to write on: Revelation 4 (worship in heaven), Matthew 28 (Jesus’ Resurrection), and Philippians 2 (the Christ Hymn/kenosis). I can’t reprint the whole things because of copyrights, but here’s my favorite paragraph:

The story begins in a graveyard. It’s still mostly dark in the early morning. A small team of soldiers has been sitting alone in the cemetery all night, guarding a tomb against grave robbers. When you’re by yourself in a cemetery at night, surrounded by crypts and corpses, the last thing you want is to hear an unexplained noise or to see an unexpected movement. All was quiet for a while—then there was a sudden, violent earthquake. A supernatural being that looked “like lightning” (v. 3) materialized in midair, floated downward, grabbed the enormous gravestone, shoved it out of the way, and sat on it. And stayed there.

Yes, I’d been reading Neil Gaiman at the time; why do you ask? 😉 Thanks to the editorial team for letting me get away with that–I mean, for letting me contribute to a fine publication that reaches a wide and diverse audience.

If you’re interested in Bible studies, or know somebody who’s teaching Sunday School in a church, I totally recommend Precepts, and not just because they spelled my name right. Here’s the link for ordering and more information.

In other news, the final mastering is complete on my CD! (About which, more information is here.) There’s only a few more short steps before it’s ready for you, so I think you can start getting excited again. More information shortly. In the meantime, if you’re interested in a copy already, let me know!