Aug 032011

For everyone who’s seen me play with Thornfield, there’s an inevitable recurring question after each show:

What in the world is that thing?”


<— (me)


<— (that thing)





The somewhat anticlimactic answer is that it’s a Melodica. It’s not exactly the most common instrument in the world, though a few rock, pop, and avant-garde musicians have been fond of it. Envision a strange hybrid of a piano and a harmonica. (Coincidentally, those are two of the other instruments I play for Thornfield.) The most famous Melodica solo? Probably the title theme from The Office. So now you know.

There’s not too much literature written on the subject of Melodica playing. But good news! Today I chanced upon the most detailed set of instructions I’ve ever seen for it. You’ll find them enlightening about the techniques and usage of this unique instrument. At least, you would… if they hadn’t been very poorly translated from the Chinese.


All your bass are belong to us.