Dec 012009

‘Tis the season: On the first day of Kitschmas, The Crescat gave to us the Tackiest Nativity Scene Contest!

You know things are going to get interesting when they start out like this:


That’s not even the half of it. Follow the link above for more Yuletide cheer!

And here are a few I found and submitted after just a few minutes of Googling:


I could say “Meowy Catmas,” but even I won’t stoop to puns that bad.

cat_peaceful_night_46485Awww, cheer up, guys! All dogs go to heaven!


“Nativity Soap.” ‘Nuff said.  I hope it’s scented with Frankincense and Myrrh.


Bu…. bu… bu…. bu….  Okay, now I’m just too scared to make a pun.


And it’s not really Christmas until you’ve eaten the Holy Family.

[Optional “sweet baby Jesus” joke in this space.]


The scary thing was how easy they were to find, and after a few minutes of this I stopped, too frightened to contemplate what I would uncover next.

Spread the Kitschmas cheer with even more awful Nativity scenes– or submit your own to the contest– at the original post! Thanks, Crescat!