Aug 252010

Here’s one of those writing gigs I mentioned. A while ago, I was invited to contribute a guest post to a blog called The Cult Next Door that deals (appropriately enough) with issues of cults and spiritual abuse. The title comes from the fact that the author was for many years a member of a stunningly abusive cult that, to all outward appearances, was a normal friendly church like any other you’d see in your neighborhood. How many more are there like her?

Oddly enough, while I was writing this post, we were doing a bit of apartment hunting and saw one place that turned out to be literally across the street from the headquarters of a full-blown Eastern cult–not just some “peace and harmony” guru like you’d expect but (according to the cult research sites I looked up later) sex and drugs and brainwashing and slavery and the whole bit. It was rather unsettling. So much is going on that we don’t even see.

Anyway, that’s not really what my post was about. It’s about Legalism: what it is, how to recognize it, and how to get out of it, according to what the Bible teaches in Galatians. Here’s the link:

The Galatian Road out of Legalism

I had fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it!

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