Dec 302010

I didn’t write either of these things. A small, mostly selfish part of me wishes I had. The rest of me is too happy to care, because you get to see them on any terms.

The first is called “Going Back.” Jon Acuff writes the hilarious and devastatingly honest blog “Stuff Christians Like,” which intersperses good-natured skewering of church culture with blindsiding insights into God’s grace. This one hit me right between the eyes. It’s (partly) about a couple who adopted an orphan girl from Africa. Her adoptive father said…

…“We kept hoping that she would be disobedient and break the rules.”

Why? I won’t spoil it, but it’s almost certainly not what you think. It’s about grace and redemption and adoption and what it means to go home. I honestly never thought about it this way before. I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it this way again. Here’s the link.

.   .   .

After you’ve read it, I think you will require some music. Maybe something that takes the word “Gloria” and makes it sail to heaven. This is a song by my friend Jon Guerra and his band Milano. Their fresh, energetic style is eclectic and hard to pin down–I describe it as “Keith Green getting together with a Gypsy band to cover Muse songs”–but this song especially is bigger than the music. It soars. As a bonus, it has a video that’s plenty evocative in its own right. Enjoy. Worship.

GLORIA music video

(Here’s an article with some more information on Milano’s unique approach, and some more songs, for those interested: Artists Build The Church. They’re well worth checking out.)

Hey, here’s a third bonus link for you. Our friend Jenna took some pictures at Carrie’s latest gig (not bad since she was singing in it herself). Here they are. I actually look kind of good in some of them. There’s a video too.

Happy new year, or New Creation, whichever you like.