Nov 132009

KingFriday“It appears that this is the time of the week on which we usually see some News and Updates, is it not?”

“Correct as usual, King Friday.”

“Upon my soul, I believe the thirteenth of the month has fallen upon a Friday.”

“Correct as usual, King Friday XIII… hey, wait…”

Here’s all the latest, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

1. Music and Such

  • If you’re going to be in the Chicago area on December 18, then you’ll want to come to Christmas on the Town, our church’s annual Christmas concert. Our church is fortunate to have no shortage of good quality musicians, so it’s always a treat. I’m working on a new choral arrangement of “Away in a Manger” (the Kirkpatrick tune–the English one that actually sounds pretty), and Carrie is sure to make an appearance as well. For more information, check out this link to the church website (which, by the way, is extremely cool for a church website).
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress” is progressing. This week it’s a flashy solo for the brazen temptress Madam Bubble….
  • The new CD project is coming along. I’m trying to get with one of my graphic designer friends for his ideas on the cover, and I still need a good title…  any ideas? Anybody?

2. Unsystematic Theology

  • As my friend Greg once put it (about something else), to some, this will mean nothing. To others, this will mean everything. My own attempts at out-of-the-box thinking are nothing compared to one of my favorite professors from Moody, Dr. Michael McDuffee, who exists in the unbearably colorful space between theology and poetry. Our class would hang on every word of his lectures, even though we rarely understood them. Saints, I just found out that he has a blog. It will leave your head spinning and your heart singing. Go.

3. Live from Muppet Labs!

  • Language Log reports the stranger-than-fiction case of a high school principal who made a rule forbidding students from using a certain four-letter word. The odd thing is, the word in question was (cover your eyes, kids!) “meep.” This being Language Log, they offer phonological analysis of the vocalizations of Beaker and Road Runner, and the astute observation of  “the dire possibility that young meepers may move on to harder stuff, like bork or manamana.”

4. Link Love

  • One of my posts on Spiritual Abuse was favored with a link from Quivering Daughters, a thoughtful and sensitive blog focusing on the spiritual issues of women in (or recovering from) the “Quiverfull Movement.” If you haven’t heard of it, this is a disheartening form of spiritual abuse masquerading as conservative family values. If you have heard of it, head over that way for some encouragement.

5. Actually, I’m not requesting a cheeseburger; catfood will do nicely, thanks.

  • Because it’s Friday and we could all use some levity, check out my latest discovery: Average Cats.  You’ve seen LOLcats, but these cats have a knack for taking things literally in a way that’s devastatingly hilarious. A sample:

And that wraps it up for this week. Have a good weekend!

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