Nov 182010

I've been too busy with life and music and things like that to do any substantial writing lately, but I've managed to sneak in a bit of reading. Actually, there have been a whole lot of really great articles floating around. So, here are a few links to keep you interested until my schedule rearranges itself:


Roger Ebert wrote what may be the best description of loneliness (pro and con) that I've ever read. Here it is on his blog–A Meeting of Solitudes. This is simply a masterpiece. The piece before it, All the Lonely People, is also irresistable.

A discussion at Not Always Right succinctly sums up The Whole Problem With the World Today (TM).


Matt at The Church of No People writes about faith and art, communism and complaining, righteousness and revenge, in the ironically titled Americans Have it Pretty Rough.

The achingly funny Hyperbole and a Half proves in pictures that Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving.

Comics illustrator Colleen Doran has an excellent article about online piracy and who it really hurts–not faceless billionaire corporations, honest hard-working middle-class artists. She focuses on comics, naturally, but it's very true of music and movies and other things too. (Hat tip to Mark Evanier, who has some good points of his own there.) For my part, if you seriously can't afford my music I'll be happy to give it to you if you ask me. However, if you can afford the high-speed broadband it takes to run torrenting software…

On Scriptorium Daily, John Mark Reynolds observes that the Bible talks about keeping goats. This (unpredictably enough) serves as the occasion for a very good primer on a point Bible critics and fundamentalists alike often miss: taking things literally isn't always a good way to take them seriously. Incidentally, if you're wondering what's a good Christmas gift for the person who already has nothing, it's Gift a Goat Week at Jesus Needs New PR. Seriously.

On a lighter note, Jon Acuff of the hilarious Stuff Christians Like devastatingly skewers an all-too-common trick of religious folks' conversations that he's named the Jesus Juke. But you know who was really good at conversation? Jesus. 

Speaking of conversations, I can't pass up another opportunity to mention my own short story on Enchanted Coversation, The White Bird. I think that's called stealth advertising.

Among blogs you should know already if you hang out here, Mr. Pond has been very entertaining with his Grimm Read-Through, and Carrie is being her usual sweet self.


You all are wonderful readers and I appreciate you very much. So here's a picture of a cat that looks like Poirot.


I'll be back for real soon!